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The types of floors existing are:

- Terrazzo flooring.
- Carpeting.
- Access flooring.
- Vinyl flooring.
- Marble / Granite flooring.
- Epoxy paint flooring.
- Ceramic flooring.
- Concrete flooring.

The types of wall ceiling are:

- Emulsion painted internal walls / ceilings.
- Acrylic textured surface coating (external).
- Acrylic smooth finish painted walls.
- Glazed ceramic & clay tile walls.
- Metal lath suspended ceiling.
- Gypsum board walls & ceilings.
- Metal insulated wall and panels.
- Wood paneling.
- Acoustical false ceiling.
- Pre-cast elements (walls).
- Metal pan ceiling.
- Vaulted light tray.
- Luxalou ceiling tiles.


Two major types of glazing exist:

- Glazed aluminum partitions.
- Glazed curtain walls.


The concrete and steel structure types are illustrated as follows:

- The steel frames ( Girders & Beams ) are bolted to tubular columns to form the structural skeleton of the terminal building . Beams are working as composite with the concrete slab. Frames are moment resisting.
- Corniche trusses are welded plane trusses tied back to the structural framing by bolted perpendicular truss system.
- Skylight trusses are 3-D tubular truss system supporting a purl in system connected to skylight panels and accessories.
- Secondary steel for curtain walls is tubular secondary columns and tubular wind girt trusses welded to the main columns.
- Mechanical rooms on top of Jetties are steel moment resisting frames longitudinally braced supporting sandwich panels metal cladding.
- Steel canopies & pergola.


The skylight areas in the Terminal Building are categorized as follows:

- Glazed skylight at departure hall is steel supported with tinted and ceramic fritted glass.
- Skylights at Jetties are steel framing with kalwall panels.
- Glazed skylight at hub lounge is a space frame, with glass panels.


There are several types of doors at our facilities:

- Metal Doors.
- Sliding Doors.
- Revolving Glass Doors.
- Overhead Coiling Doors.

There are 122 counters (corian finish) distributed as follows:

- 84 corian counters at the check in area.
- 22 corian counters for passport control at the departure area.
- 16 corian counters for passport control at the arrival area.

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