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A high quality MV circuit breakers using Normaclade withdrawable, 12KV, 1600Amp, 25KA type switchgear, (Manually or Electrically operated).
11KV - 50Hz network, fed from EDL or 11KV emergency Genset. The power is distributed to 30 satellite substations through three different Loops.

Three medium voltage feeders feed the main 11kV switchgears in the Utility Plant building, two feeders from EDL and One from the Main power plant. The main 11kV switchgears in turn distribute medium voltage power to different satellite substations through three busbars.

Step-down Cast resin - Dry type transformer 11/0.4KV 250/500/1000KVA 3-Phase, indoor, Mounting and housing inside cabinet - metal enclosure are distributed in different substations at different locations, and transfer the medium voltage power into low voltage to be used for different loads.

The Medium Voltage network is controlled and monitored through a high technology PLC system.

The power management system is designed to manage the power failure and power restoration, to load / unload some satellite substation transformers according to priority program and the generating power plant, and to localize earth faults in BIA network.

The main emergency power plant provides a power of 1673 KW through 11KV Genset, 1673 kW of power, and following 6 cylindrical in-line block engine design.
A generator panel located in the main 11 kV switchgear room in C6 building controls this system.

Another kind of emergency generators are used at BIA, these are the low voltage standby generators. They are designed to insure instant power for the essential loads during power failures in different buildings and locations. The following types are used:
· 910 KVA, 400V , Diesel engine.
· 320 KVA, 400V , Diesel engine.
· 500 KVA, 400V , Diesel engine.
· 1000 KVA, 400V , Diesel engine.

Each of the above Genset has both main and daily fuel tanks.

More than 30 type, 22000 lighting units, are located in the Terminal building, fluorescent, Metal halide, Halogen and high pressure sodium. Main distribution boards (MDBs) are fed from the low voltage side of the step-down transformers, which in turn feeds, the final branch panels that supply voltage to different loads.


Various types of lifts with different sizes, in addition to Escalators and Travelators are used to facilitate the passenger's circulation in the airport. They are equipped with many safety devices.


The window Cleaning system consists of 3 units one unit for cleaning the entrance façade windows; another unit is used for the south façade, and the third unit for the control tower.

The airfield of Rafik Hariri international airport is divided into three major runways:
-Runway 03-21 and associated taxiways
-Runway 16-34 and associated taxiways
-Runway 17-35 and associated taxiways
The airfield lighting system for each runway is composed of subsystem that gives the pilot of an operating aircraft visual guidance required by different types of operation depending on the classification of the approach system and the visual range.

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