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MEAS offers consultancy services for a complete range of airport functions, including:

Project Management
Information gathering and statistics
Inventory planning and control
Engineering and design
Civil & Architecture
Electrical Low & Medium Voltage
Electronics Low Current
Quality assurance
Environmental Control Systems
Fire fighting services
Emergency / Contingency plans
Airfield Lighting

Boarding Bridges
Aircraft Docking Systems
Baggage Handling Systems
Building Automation & Control
Power Management Systems
Cleaning & Pest Control Services
Degreasing of Runways / Taxiways
Derubberization of Runways / Taxiways
Manuals production and maintenance
Safety and security:
 CCTV, Fire Alarm, PA, Access Control
Communication systems:
intercoms, telephones, radio, public address

Our highly skilled and qualified staff are available to assist in a range of various fields related to airports facilities.

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