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MEAS is in charge of the operation and maintenance of Rafik Hariri International Airport facilities. We provide operation and maintenance
services to airport facilities through detailed and sophisticated programs. Our main activities fall under two categories:

Preventive Maintenance

MEAS plans and operates networked preventive maintenance schedules on all kinds of existing equipment. These schedules are based on
the equipment suppliers and manufacturers specifications and recommendations. Applying preventive maintenance schedules ensures
optimal performance, higher life time of equipment, maximum mean time between failure factor, and lower overall maintenance costs.

Corrective Maintenance

The corrective maintenance practiced by MEAS is simply a response to any kind of defect that may arise. To achieve these goals MEAS has
extensively trained its staff with special emphasis on troubleshooting skills. In addition to training, MEAS has equipped its stores with all kinds
of needed spare parts, tools, and consumables. Our corrective maintenance policy ensures minimum mean time between repair factor.




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