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Middle East Airports Services s.a.l. was established as part of the Government’s national privatization plan by Council of Ministers Decree on March 2nd 1998 as a fully owned subsidiary of the national air carrier Middle East Airlines. Though a subsidiary of Middle East Airlines, MEAS is an independent entity both administratively and financially with its own Board of Directors, Chairman and Managing Director. MEAS was retained by the Government of Lebanon represented by the Council for Development and Reconstruction (C.D.R.) on November,24th 1998 to operate and maintain the newly commissioned Rafik Hariri International Airport - Beirut. (RHIAB) Even before the inauguration of Beirut International Airport, MEAS played a pivotal role in the transfer of operating activity from the old Terminal to the new one without any interruption of the airport. Today in its twelve year as Operator of Beirut International Airport MEAS is delivering high quality services, to the satisfaction of its Client the C.D.R. the airlines, passengers and visitors. MEAS owes a great deal to M.E.A. to help start the Company, when M.E.A seconded the first group of employees from its own personnel. Their sense of responsibility and their ease in adapting to new work conditions provided the core for further employment. Today MEAS employs over three hundred full time staff in addition to twenty two Contractors.


a) Vision Statement
Middle East Airports Services, MEAS, will develop a quality management system, to better satisfy the needs of its clients and to improve the management system of the company. We endeavor to properly operate and maintain facilities under high international quality standards stressing on meeting and exceeding customers needs and expectations through high levels of services. MEAS objective for the upcoming years is to invest its know-how & expertise in international markets to target airports and facilities that need consultancy, management, or operation & maintenance for its ground facilities.

b) Mission Statement
Middle East Airports Services, MEAS, is a leading company specialized in facilities operation & maintenance, airport consultancy, and facility management services. MEAS has got an excellent reputation among its clients, governmental agencies and institutions as well as the private sector. MEAS most valuable asset is its dedicated staff which includes a talented new generation, thus, enabling it to thrive and flourish and to continue taking part in making the future. Our mission is to improve continually our products and services to meet our customers' needs, allowing us to prosper as a business and to provide a reasonable return to our shareholders, the owners of our business.

c) Quality Policy Statement
Middle East Airports Services, MEAS, is a quality oriented company whereby quality is the basic business principle adopted throughout its operations. Quality means providing our internal and external customers with innovative services that fully satisfy their requirements. MEAS believes that Quality is listening carefully to its employees and customers, establishing a clear understanding of the requirements before doing anything, and then doing what was agreed upon, exactly. Quality is utilizing all resources productively. Quality comes first, profits will follow. A commitment to Total Quality is the best way to ensure a profitable future. Total Quality is a journey rather than a goal. It is a continuous improvement organization. MEAS top management is keen that the Quality objectives are continually established and that they exceed customers' requirements and satisfaction at all levels within MEAS organization and with a commitment on its part for continual improvement.

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