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Below are systems that require operation and maintenance. These systems are: Electrical, Elevators, Air Conditioning, Water Networks, Fire Suppression Systems and Extinguishers, Infra Structure, Fire Detection, Cleaning and Pest Control. Usually, they undergo the services of site maintenance and sometimes the services of subcontractors. These systems fall under different departments and are listed accordingly.

Electrical Department

Electrical System
In the Electrical system, operation and maintenance are designed for the following:

  • Electric generation in the power house
  • Switch from EDL to generated distribution main power switch boards
  • Network cabling distribution to the sub-station in each block
  • Main and sub station circuit breakers and ties.
  • Traffic barriers
  • Various pumping stations.
All industrial and passenger elevators in H/Q are subject to maintenance.

 Mechanical Department

- Air Conditioning System
In the Air Conditioning System, the operation and maintenance are designed for the following:


  • All H/Q central A/C system and individual units, which include ducting and insulation.
  • Screw air compressors
  • Compressed air network designed for hangars and workshops
  • Ventilation systems
    - Water Networks
    In water networks, the operation and maintenance are designed for the following:
  • Water treatment reserve Osmosis plant and distribution network

  • General domestic water distribution and pumping stations

- Fire Suppression Systems and Extinguishers

- Infra Structure
The drainage and sewage underground piping and the related sewage booster pumping station are subject to maintenance.

 Civil and Architectural Work

In the Civil and Architectural Work, the H/Q buildings which include aluminum and wooden doors and windows, walls painting, welfare area,
tiling, false ceiling, water proofing, etc. are subject to maintenance.


 Electronics Department

- Fire Detection Systems
Maintenance of existing detection system located in all H/Q and Engineering buildings.


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