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MEAS delivers pest control service to all the BIA facilities around the year. This includes crawling
insects, rodents, parasitic insects, and flying insects. The operation of the pest control management
relies on the minimal use of chemicals for less human and non-target pests exposure.
The integrated pest management approach is used. It involves several non-chemical steps
before pesticide application.

When needed, the most effective chemicals are used which are mainly derived from the Synthetic
Pyrethroids and Phenyl Pyrazoles families. These are known to be of the lowest mammalian toxicity.
Basic services are applied to all our premises against the target pests as a startup.

A follow up service is later applied weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. In the follow up, a
replenishing service is applied in order to confirm all treatment points and treatment works
efficiency. Monthly treatments are applied to sensitive areas in order to sustain a high level of pest
control in all critical areas. In addition, periodical visits are applied to evaluate the implementation of
the sanitation and pest proofing plans.

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