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The Plumbing section looks after a network of over 110 Km (66 Miles) of piping, ranging in types from copper, galvanized and black steel, UPVC, cast iron, GRP to ductile iron. Moreover, ranging in size from ¾" to 60".


The fire fighting systems at BIA, employ in addition to water sprinklers, FM-200 and CO2 suppression systems. The total capacity of the fire fighting pumping station is 9,000 gpm of water serving in addition to the sprinkler systems a number of fire hydrants that are located in the premises and on the surrounding roads.


We are running and maintaining a Utility Plant that includes four centrifugal chillers, five cooling towers, and all related auxiliaries. It has a capacity of 6,800 tons of refrigeration, which serves the Main Terminal, two Jetties, and four Annex Buildings. The total capacity of air handling units surpasses 1,290,000 cfm of treated air.  


Building Automation Control System (BACS): the system monitors and controls all aspects of HVAC and Lighting. Additionally the BACS monitors the failures of some peripheral systems. The monitoring and control are processed via a network of controllers that are linked to digital/analog input/output points. Three operation rooms are set in order to monitor and control a total of 4,800 input/output points distributed all over the facilities.

Two types of boarding bridges are employed, two and three-dimensional movement to serve the multitude of Aircraft types that visit BIA. A total of 23 boarding bridges are distributed along the east and west jetties of the Terminal Building.


The Ouzaii Under-Pass that goes under The West Runway and West Taxiway employ CO detection & Visibility sensors in conjunction with the BACS to ventilate the two tunnels in order to help the traffic that passes through.

The Baggage Handling Systems consist of four Departure Lines, five Arrival Lines, and a single Transit Line.

Departure Lines
Each consist of :
- 21 check-in counters with 3 or 4 step small conveyors on each counter.
- One collecting belt conveyor in the public area.
- Group of transfer belts conveyors in the service area.
- One carrousel for manual sorting in the service area.
- Each line is PLC controlled from an electrical cabinet.

Arrival Lines
The baggage handling system for the arrival is composed of five independent carousels, located mainly in the public arrival area of grade level. Each carousel is controlled by electro-mechanical relays inside an electrical cabinet located close to the carousel at service side.

Transit Line
The transit conveyor links the service area of the arrival system to the service area of the departure systems. An electrical automatisms PLC controlled cabinet controls the whole system.


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